All breakfasts are served with FREE coffee.

The Classic Breakfast Two eggs*, toast** and hash browns  $6.00

Breakfast Burrito  Two eggs*, cheese, hash browns, sausage, bacon, onions, green peppers, in a 10-inch tortilla offered with salsa and sour cream  $7.50  Spicy, at your own risk – $8.00

Southern Benedict Two sausage patties, two over easy eggs*, on a toasted English muffin, smothered in sausage gravy, served with hash browns  $8.75

Biscuits and Gravy  Two biscuits smothered in sausage gravy   $6.00

Country Hash Browns  Bed of hash browns with two scrambled eggs*, covered in sausage gravy, sprinkled with bacon crumbles, served with toast**   $7.25

Papa K Omelet  Three eggs*, Philly steak, onions, peppers, cheese, mushrooms, toast** and hash browns  $9.50

Breakfast Sandwich Egg on an English muffin with cheese, sausage patty or bacon  $5.00

One Egg*, toast** $3.75

Two Eggs*, toast** $4.25

Two Beer-batter Pancakes  $4.50

Two Rum Chata French Toast  $5.25

*Undercooked eggs, i.e., sunny side up or over easy are ordered at your discretion

**Toast: White, Wheat or Twisted Rye; substitute English Muffin $.50 more




Create your own with cheese, toast**, hash browns

Two eggs*  $6.00 plus add-ons

Three eggs*  $6.75 plus add-ons


Ham $2.00

Sausage (1)  $1.50

Bacon crumbles $1.50

Extra Cheese  $0.75

Mushrooms  $0.50

Green peppers  $0.50

Olives  $0.25

Onions  $0.25

Tomatoes  $0.50

Jalapeños $0.50



English Muffin $2.00

Two slices of Toast $1.25

Bacon (2) $3.00

Sausage Patties or Links (2) $3.00

Ham $3.25

Corned Beef Hash $3.25

Egg* (1) $1.50

Hash Browns $2.75 with cheese $3.25

Rum Chata French Toast (1) $3.00

Beer-batter Pancake (1) $2.75



Coffee (Regular or Decaf)  $1.50

Milk  $1.50

Can or Fountain Soda  $1.75

Juice   $1.75
Pineapple   Orange   Tomato   Cranberry   Grapefruit


Darn Good Bloody Mary